Platelet RICH Plasma

by SINGLE STEP procedure

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More Platelets, Better Results!

yCellbio PRP delivers consistent 5-9x platelet concentration by SINGLE STEP Procedure.

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Webinars and Online Meetings

We offer online webinars for practitioners that are interested in PRP.  If you are interested in PRP webinar or 1:1 online meeting, please complete the registration form by clicking the button below.

Webinars and Online Meetings

Request for Articles

We offer a selection of titles or full text articles about PRP. We specialise exclusively in PRP treatment and continually explore the diverse applications of PRP.  We have been actively learning and researching the effects and limitations of PRP.  We have a strong belief in the potential of PRP, and we are committed to expanding the applications of PRP and contribute to enhancing the quality of life.  If you are interested in PRP and would like to find more details in the articles, please complete the request form by clicking the button below.  We will contact you to provide scientific insights and assist you in your exploration of PRP.

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Request for In-clinic Demo

We are always happy to offer In-clinic Demos as it is the best way to bust myths about PRP and to explain about the differences between PRP and PPP and sometimes even PRF.  We conduct visits to provide PRP demonstrations for practitioners.  We offer In-clinic Demos for training purposes and occasionally provide PRP as a service, too.  If you'd like to have an In-clinic Demo, please complete the booking form by clicking the button below.  We will contact you and arrange a suitable time to visit.

Request for In-clinic Demo

Dedicated support for Australian Doctors.

Since 2016, we have been providing assistance to Australian doctors for any inquiries or information requests regarding PRP.  For instance, we help address questions about why PRP may sometimes be ineffective, and we provide insights from academic papers and other PRP experts.  We are dedicated to supporting our doctors in finding answers to their inquiries and curiosities about PRP.  In addition, we can share our results and feedback from Australian doctors in many areas including orthopaedics, sports medicine, fertility, hair loss as well as cosmetic skin clinics.  Please enquire us through phone, email or Whatsapp messenger any time.  We will reply instantly or get back to you as soon as we can.

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